Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Black cat found

and apparently it's never going to go home.

(both images taken on camera phone, and quite obviously the day my hair was due for a wash. Nicknamed Halle.)

After years, literally, of persuading my mum to knit an aran cable jumper/cardigan for me she's finally contemplating the idea. I am aware it's summer, but I really would like one for autumn/winter. I've tried looking for one in the past that doesn't involve me spending all of my money and came across a fairly good one in a charity shop. It was in the men's section and is massive. Although I do love wearing it.

(AGAIN, taken on a camera phone. My camera shall be fixed soon as it was taken in today :) )

Here are some that caught my eye:

I adore the colour of this Prada jumper, although I feel the overall jumper seems heavy and may seem unflattering even on a slimmer frame. I've also found some on a less pricey scale and of more neutral tones.

Topshop £48.00Next £35.00 (also available in fuschia)
All Saints £105.00

Debenhams (male) was £95.00 now £28.50 £35.00

I prefer the cable knit cardigans but my favourtie from the above selection is the Topshop jumper. All I have to do now is pick out a pattern :)

Off the subject...
Christian Louboutin, Ronfifi
I am in love with these boots! MAJOR wishful thinking.

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