Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The versatile blogger award!

My first blogging award! That makes my face go ':D'

I was nominated by this lovely lady . Go and check out her blog, amazing for beauty tips.

I'm going to pass this to 7 other blogs.

1). RosesareBlue
2). Temporary Secretary
3). TheVelvetBow
4). HouseOfGuise
5). Hivenn
6). BearCavingAmy
7). ALifeInTheFashionLane

And now 7 facts about myself.

1). Prawns scare the hell out of me. Whether alive/dead/frozen/intact. VILE.
2). I don't spend 50p's
3). I know almost every line to Liar Liar due to watching it TOO much as a kid.
4). I'm teaching myself Japanese.
5). 1/4 of the contents in my wardrobe is my dad's old clothes, another 1/4 is my brother's old clothes, another is my mum's and the final is stuff I have bought. I just love their clothes too much!
6). I hate bare walls.
7). I have to walk on the left, one of my many OCD's.

Amanda lou

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