Friday, 31 August 2012


I was meant to be going to Kenya this year but I left it too late for my visa. I think my laid back attitude needs to stop.

Apart from being really angry at myself I thought about where I wanted to go instead. I have 4 major places on my bucket list I want to go; Austrailia, Japan, Kenya and Rome/Venice. As I was getting my head around all this Kenya stuff and STILL reading the 3 booklets from different organisations (in the hope that my visa would miraculously be sent to me) a friend said that her plans had altered and that she was now going to go Rome by herself. At around the SAME time another friend asked if I wanted to go to Japan to meet her after her work conference. Annoying. One plan that falls through and another two plans open up for the same dates.

After consideration I realised that Japan would be IMPOSSIBLE this summer and that it'd be more beneficial to go to Rome.

Such a good choice. I can't even explain how amazing it was. Since I can't, I hope you get the point from these photos... (i've also been several places since but I'll leave them for other posts)

Point being, if you ever get the chance to go Rome, take it. I'm 100% going again.

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