Sunday, 30 September 2012


My brother.

you don't watch X Factor?!"

The above expression helps to depict the above question. I genuinely couldn't care less about people lying about trying to 'make their life long dream come true' when it's 'their only chance'. If you wanted something THAT bad you'd go about it in lots of ways rather than just appearing on tv and exploting yourself. I get so bored of repetitive conversations online, life or tv about this program. I'm not saying that the people on there are talentless as I envy almost all of them but I'm sure there's better things on tv.

Please, stop watching people chase their dreams and chase your own. I think I just choked on my own cheesy-ness!

However, I do listen to these views as I'm 100% sure I talk about a lot of things that other people do no care about yet they are willing to listen.

So I respond with this face...

and a light 'hmmmm...'

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