Tuesday, 20 July 2010

3 covers with the same dress?...

..how awkward.

Back from Jersey and I so wish I wasn't. I probably would never have gone there if it wasn't for the wedding in the castle. After the wedding we decided to do the usual touristy things (i.e making most of the sunshine and getting sunburnt, going the war tunnels which the germans had people make in ww2) but due to lack of time we only stayed in St. Helier. Whilst waiting for my luggage I caught sight of a poster advertising a museum. Yeah, true it doesn't sou
nd that enthralling but I found out it was literally next door to our hotel so decided to go. It had quite mundane stuff about people of Jersey ,who I have never heard of, but the part that interested me the most was the Marilyn Monroe exhibition (there was also this victorian house on which they had extended the museum. They had barely touched anything in it, which was kind of weird as there were all these old photos and paintings of the people who lived there. It contained three or four floors and multiple rooms. It basically looked like the house in 'The Others', was kind of eery) Anyway, this Monroe thing consisted of many of her clothes and gifts she had been given. She WASN'T a size 16 but was naturally a red head. I found it all fascinating, yet a little weird that one super male fan had donated all the stuff. Anyway, here are some photos (taken on my weak camera phone as my brother went home on the sunday and he provided the camera)

First image of me and my brother at the wedding. Second of a Nazi uniform exhibited in the underground tunnels/hospital.

Clothes from 'Gentlemen prefer blondes' 'Some like it hot' 'Seven year itch' 'There's no business like show business' and 'Niagara'

<<< LOVE. <<< Looks like an All Saints dress.

Teeny tiny waist!

" I always thought Marilyn Monroe looked fabulous, but I'd kill myself if I was that fat " - Liz Hurley, shut up.

Also, my last Brownies this week. Aww.

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