Wednesday, 14 July 2010


this is me being a huge hypocrite. I dislike blogs which contain information about a person, about what they did with their day and how tired they are. Which is exactly why I have no idea why I am doing this. I have very limited knowledge about fashion but I do like to pretend I know a fair bit about photography. I often wish I could be as creative as some of my friends and I lack the capability to correctly string a sentence together. I believe individuality is more about wearing what you actually want to wear and not trying to fit a label. I like the irony of trying to be cool, as it very often does not work. That is all.

In other news take me back to Portobello Market as I
THINK I prefer it to Camden.

Jersey tomorrow for a wedding, never been there so it should be good. However getting on the plane in a jumpsuit that looks like I should be the pilot. Never mind.

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