Thursday, 9 September 2010


managed to get hold of one of these...

(my jaw seems so square)
an air force jumper which I have wanted for ages. The only person who knew where to get one was my dad as he owns a green army one from his so called 'fashionable days' (the days where he had long feathered and layered hair, wore cowboy boots, ponchos etc :|) He said he had bought them from an army shop, but I couldn't find any at all. So after a couple of years of wanting one, my mum points out that my dad also has the navy air force jumper. So I state to my dad that he never wears it and I've looked everywhere for one. Leading him to donate it to me :) It's not the most flattering of garments as it is massive, but still its really comfy and I've figured it'd look alright with a belt or something.

Elbow pads


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