Thursday, 30 September 2010

Is it wrong

that I'd really like to purchase some purple Nike air tops? There's also a lovely lovely parka coat in River Island that I definitely need to buy. However, the slight problem being that student finance has given me 3 times the amount I asked for. So, I've accidently been spending money I actually don't have. It's a must buy though as it is gorgeous. I've also realised, after talking to a friend who can cook carribean food, that I should probably start cooking and eating properly as I have probably put on about 50 stone. It seems like the more I am determind not to spend any more money, the more I need to buy essentials. Like a £50 psychology book I apparently need to buy (with the Antony Gormley figures on the front!- my mum and brother made some to contribute yeeears ago). The main thing I've been buying is a lot of stuff to make me feel better, I went a foam party days ago and I totally blame that for my illness. I now have a drawer full of different tablets and medicines that can probably supply me for a year. Living away from home has also reinforced my knowledge that I am completely incapable of keeping my room tidy. I do try but its quite obviously a lost cause. On a different note, I managed to dye my hair (it had NO effect) without damaging my braid but caught my nose ring. NOT fun.

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