Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Love love LOVE my uni room. A fair bit of storage, wooden flooring and an en suite! I'm living at the city campus (literally two minutes away from the clubs) but 20-30 minute walk away from the main campus and the SU bar but I reckon that's an advantage cause I'm near all the shops. I share flat 6 (the best one obviously) with 5 cool people who are easy to talk to. I arrived on Saturday and as I began to unpack all my stuff I realised all the food I bought back home hasn't been brought down to Worcester. So my mum and dad took me shopping and buy loads and loads of food hoping it will last for ages, even getting food I don't eat at home but should last a long time. I didn't really think of things I take for granted back home (i.e a shower mat, pins, knives) so I had to nip into the city centre, which is basically a big circle so you can't really get lost, and find the cheapest shop to buy them from as my student loan still hasn't come through! Fresher's weeks been pretty ace although I haven't actually been the main events due to walking there and back. So I've attended the pre and after parties because theyre really close and this wristband I've bought has gotten me in for free. It's been so busy in the day as well, we were given a 'Welcome Week' pack which tells us what we're expected to do each day of Fresher's. It involves stuff like meeting your tutors, inductions and trips to do with your chosen subject(s), because I'm doing a Joint course it's been mega hectic walking from one campus to another none stop. It's even more frustrating that they all start at 9:15am or 10:15am (and a particular trip starting at 7:45am!) as it means you get noooo sleep at all.

I'm looking forward to knowing my way around without getting lost.

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