Saturday, 26 November 2011

DIY Teacup candle.

This is a really delayed post, I definitely should have written it sooner. A month or so ago I went to the vintage fair in Worcester, which was okay but it's been better. I noticed some quaint teacup candles for £6! Being the cheapskate that I am , my friend and I decided to make some ourselves. It was messy but so much fun! I took several photos of this process (considering I do photography I should probably aim to take better photos for this blog)

So we bought 12 tealight candles for £1 to add a scent to the candle (not the nicest colour I must admit) a teacup for £1.50 and a big candle for £1 making the total cost £3.50. To be honest, if the main candle had been scented I wouldn't have needed the tealights. We also didn't need to get two big candles because there was a LOT of wax left over.

We then;
*Grated the white candle and kept the wick.
* Melted the wax and added several of the green candles (By this point the kitchen smelt like soap, nice though)
*Placed the wick in the cup
* Poured the wax in
*let it set.


Oh, and this new thing...

(which I'll probably change due to NEVER being able to stick to a decision)


  1. Cute idea, I might try that! :3

  2. What a fantastic idea!! Definitely will be trying this when we have some spare time :)