Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tomb Raider

At the moment I seem to be in fancy dress more than my usual clothes, I don't mind it though because I looooove fancy dress. Recently I went to one beginning with 'A' where I dressed up as the alphabet, I don't have any photos of that though. Last week I went to one where I had to dress up with something beginning with your first initial. So, once again, I had to dress up as something starting with 'A'. I've been 'Adam Ant' SEVERAL times as I love him (here), so I debated re using my 'alphabet' outfit, however, I felt this was cheating.

SO, eventually I decided to go as Angelina Jolie. Which basically meant I would be dressed as Tomb Raider. At the time it seemed like a really simple fancy dress, but then I got carried away and bought a lot of things ( I managed to sell a few things on ebay so I didn't feel that bad spending).

I bought brown pants (trousers) from Primark and cut them up, two blue guns from a poundshop which I then sprayed black, two black grenades which I sprayed silver and finally a brown bag. For some weird reason I already had a mint vest? I then made gunholsters from leather material and attached it to my belt.

Based on this image

I don't think it turned out that bad, except I forgot I no longer had dark brown hair.


  1. Nicely done - if I hadn't read the post I would still know who it was which is usually a sign of a good costume!

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  4. I love fancy dress!!!This is one I've never done, you look fab, but 've not got the figure for an outfit like this xxx