Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Dip dyed again even though every man and his dog has 'ombre' and 'dip dye'. I just can't help it, I'm so easily bored of my hair. This time I have purple and blue, but the purple has washed out to pink and the blue has washed out to purple. I think I prefer it to the other colours though, because there is still shades of blue in it, and bits of green.

(my face looks square and I'm ill here!)

So I've been ill, once again, over Christmas and New Year so I haven't had the time to review things. I've also got a LOT of work to complete for the 10th January deadline! The little amount of time management skills I once had have seriously disappeared.

Although I have managed to take the panoramic image for my final project involving 'movement'. So all is not lost! I'm not sure how I want to edit it though but no doubt it will be on my flickr soon! I hope it works out well as I've tried to be less cliche with my ideas.

Still not thought of a new years resolution, maybe to take more vitamins and be healthier to boost my lacking immune system. Better time management couldn't go a miss either!


  1. Oh wow! I love it. I would totally do this if I werent such a hair coward.

  2. you may be ill but ur hair is amazing haha :) x

  3. You are reallllllllly pretty and I love dip dyed hair! It looks best on curly hair too :)

  4. i love the colours in your hair, so cool! I also loved your Beamish anecdote. Are you from the north east? I think I'm going to go again soon, such an awesome place to go! x

  5. You are seriously stunning.

  6. I love it!!! And you're so pretty!! The lip color is wonderful.


  7. Great blog I'm following :) hope you will follow back