Monday, 30 January 2012

Ranting and Wallowing.

Overall this may appear to be a miserable and angry post and to be honest, it kind of is.

Whilst being fed up of having a sore coccyx (thanks to my drunken brother trying to make me dance when I wasn’t expecting it!:) ) I started to self pity. I am aware this is quite possibly the most irritating thing a human can do but still, we all have our down times.

SO I decided to conjure up two lists, one being extremely negative, and the other completely positive. They are amply titled and read as follows:

Things that completely grate me the wrong way

1) People who are persistently pedantic about every little thing they read/hear/see. SO annoying

2) People who refer to me as ‘trying to be different’ YAWN. I’m wearing Docs and a Parka as I type, hardly trying to go against the grain is it?

3) People who attempt to be scouse when they do not live in Liverpool. YES YOU! You St.Heleners/Runcorners/Widnesians in denial.

4) People who inform me that I ‘was not born in the 60’s or the 80’s’ I mean, wow, I really didn’t know this.

5) Trains that go so slow you can see cars on the road that go faster (obviously typing this on one of the said trains)

6) People trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘indie’ the majority of you listen to songs by artists who are signed by Polydor. Trying to be cool often fails? I believe that doing what you what to do, as long as it has a positive effect, and not being bothered about people’s perception of such behaviour makes you cool. Personal opinion. Also, the quandary of ‘indie’ people disliking their ‘favourite’ band when they become ‘mainstream’.

7) People who let you down! They’re all gung ho about an idea then never get around to it. Motivation is needed.

8) People who brag

9) People who start a debate then don’t let you have your say, I mean obviously your opinion is more important

10)When I am made to feel like an idiot so that the other person comes across better

11) The fact my immune system is rubbish.

12)‘I’m not pessimistic, I'm a realist’ BEHAVE

13)Obsessions with technology within today’s society.

14) The ending of LOST. Weak

15) The fact NO matter how many candles you light the room doesn’t seem to get warmerL


17)Subjectivity of Art&Design.

Things that enable my frown to be turned upside down

1) People who are talented. At anything. Serious envy!

2) People who are enthusiastic about something positive.

3) People who debate by listening and responding oppose to having their say and blocking everybody out

4) Home made things!

5) Anything that makes me see from a different perspective and makes me think outside my comfort zone

6) The fact my whole life can pretty much be summed up by the word ‘eclectic’; groups of mates, my fashion ‘sense’, music taste, film taste, my degree course!

7) People who have faith in what they do/believe/others/humanity

8) Selflessness

9) People who make me feel inspired and that anything can be done

10) The fact there is a cat on this train!! :D

11) Imagination

12) People who are not afraid

13) Lads with long hair

14) Cultures and languages

15) My apparent high tolerance of people singing ‘Mandy’ at me or saying ‘A-Man-Duh’


17)People who have the ability to create a positive atmosphere just by their presence.

18)The feeling of belongingness.


20) And finally, doing this...

Amanda Lou

(knew it would change^)

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