Thursday, 26 January 2012


Soooo, it was my birthday on the 18th and I turned 'the big 2-1'. For once I was actually excited that it was my birthday. My mother dearest made me a cake with an edited image of myself, impressed as she has never used Photoshop in her life.

I went to Blakes restaurant near 'Hard Days Night Hotel' since my family lives and breathes 'The Beatles', it's SUCH a nice restaurant.

(Outfit worn)

To bullet point what happened: *I had my lovely joint birthday meal with my mate Liam
*I made everyone in my house eat/work with party hats on
*I visited York.
* Bought Docs (black ones), a sewing machine and a dressmaker and made two Mullet skirts.
*Went to Blakes/out
*Spent a fair bit of money on the following things

(picture overload)

Rubix cube cup from Urban Outfitters

Jumper from Dorothy Perkins (I never seem to go in there because the clothes aren't really my style)

Shoes £42 down to £10! I have never been so excited, what an incredibly materialistic thing to say. The peace bracelet was also a present:)

Okay I was bought this, from Topshop. Loveee it. I would also wear it with shorts not just leggings (I hate that 'wearing a short tee with leggings' look. Ew) but I've seemed to have misplaced my shorts.

I LOVE THIS DRESS! From ASOS. Happy Happy.

I was also bought these, but I love them too much to not post them on here. Brogues and chelsea boots, ideaaaal for me!

I've also bought another two dresses, a hat, a necklace, a lot of rings and skull earphones. I'll photograph them at some point. Thank goodness for birthday and left over Christmas money!

I'm also selling a LOT of things on Ebay to clear some space.


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Love those brogue/chelsea boots, they look amazing! xx

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    Great new stuff, your blog is great! <3

  3. I can't wait to see your mullet skirts! Love the sweater and the amazing blue (denim?) dress. Happt 21st! It's a really good age, although after this, getting any older is no fun!!!

  4. love both pairs of shoes. 10 quid, what a bargain. and i've been wanting chelsea boots for a while now, these are perfect as they look like chelsea boots with a bit of a difference. love it x